Why choose
1. Price: we can supply the lowest price with best quality,as we are the agents of many company all over the world, have many product lines and clients,so we can running with lower profit but many product lines,and factory is different,,they only have one product line,they need the exact profit to keep the factory running,and our cooperated factory,we put order together and place large quantity order to them every year! that is why,we can quote the best price.(even better than factory)
2.Risk Control: Cooperate with us could let you no risk,we have great QC system which could make sure all product is 100% good quality,and we are very honor of our quality,if there have any problem,we support refund or resend.
2. Cost Save: If you cooperate with us,we can inspect the product for you,and gather the products for you,control the risk for you,and all of these we can do for you,and save your time and money,
4.service: each client will have two sales works for you,and if have any unhappy,we can change other sales for you.in here,you are the highness