Why choose
1. Risk Control:Cooperate with us could let you no risk,wehve great QC system which could make sure all produt is 100%good quality,and we are very honor of our quality,if there have any problem,we suppoet refund or resend.(we have can help you to solve many problems which clients not easy to solve from other side of Earth )

2.Cost Save:If cooperate with us,we can do Inspection/Quality Control/Orders Follow/Shoipping Booking/Warehouse Service/Sample Check/ODM Sample.Anthing you need we all could suport,and you on need hire aybody else to work for you to handle all of these.This is a big cost,but our compang will do it for you.

3.Easy&Happy Work:Each clent will have two sales works for you,they will follow whole order for you,cooperte with us you will feel easy and happy!

4. Free warehouse Service:Nanchang Wanhua have over 1000 square meter warehouse which could provide the free warehouse service for our cooperated clents.

5.Payment Term:To our VIP Cliets,we have different payment term to help them reduce financial Pressure.such as 30% deposit or OA 30days.